Welcome to North Valley Digital (NVDi)

NVDi is a general computer consulting firm offering a wide range of assistance and technology services to businesses and individuals including:

No job is too large or too small, of course, but we specialize in small businesses. We understand the need to control costs and just get the darn job done without worrying about the computer systems.


Support News & Alerts weblog online

Forced from hiding in response to all the bad information about the Conficker virus, the NVDi Support News and Alerts weblog is now live. It's used to disseminate time-sensitive information to our customer base. This includes such things as security warnings, announcements of planned (or unplanned) outages and notifications of updates to the technical support knowledge base. For routine monitoring, the blog has both a conventional news feed and a Twitter feed. In rare instances, the really hot stuff is broadcast to a limited mailing list. Please see the blog's "About" page for more information.

Why this site looks as plain as an Amish coat . . .

Please excuse all the dust and dropcloths and stuff. Our web site is undergoing a major renovation. We're working on removing outdated content, improving presentation and usability and adding a substantial amount of new material. In particular, we will soon be introducing two web logs, one for customer support news and another covering subjects of more general interest.

So, keep an eye on this space. There will be big changes over the next few weeks!

How to contact us . . .

PO Box 901
Kalispell, MT 59903
+1 (406) 763-6834  voice
Or contact us online.